Women’s Wellness Prioritized in May with Free Sunday Bluebikes Ride Credits, Compliments of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Blue Cross sponsors initiative commemorating alignment of Women’s Health Awareness Month and National Bike Month

Free Ride Credits Available May 12, 19 & 26

In honor of Women’s Health Awareness Month and National Bike Month, Bluebikes title sponsor Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (Blue Cross) is providing free Bluebikes ride credits on Sundays through the remainder of May, with an aim toward encouraging Greater Boston individuals to prioritize physical activity and reap the numerous health benefits of cycling.

Blue Cross announced this commitment during an event kicking off the intersecting month-long celebrations while commemorating the health plan’s title sponsorship renewal, introduction of ebikes and bike design refresh. The interactive event featured a 20-minute spin class to highlight the importance of physical activity for women’s physical and mental well-being, while calling attention to the fact that only 20% of American women get the recommended amount of exercise.

Blue Cross President and CEO Sarah Iselin emphasized the important role of Bluebikes in promoting community health for all: “We’re excited to continue partnering on the Bluebikes program and enabling wider access to the bike share system that has become such an important resource for so many people,” said Iselin. “We're proud that Bluebikes supports the mental and physical health of our communities while also helping people get where they need to go.”

It's a fact: Cycling boosts women’s health

The health advantages of cycling are numerous, and studies have shown that it is particularly beneficial for women. According to the American Heart Association, regular cycling has been linked to a 46% lower risk of heart disease among women. Research from the American Psychological Association indicates that cycling can reduce stress levels by up to 33%, while findings published in the Journal of American Medical Association reveal that women who include cycling in their daily routines are 30% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

How to access Sunday credits

The $5 Bluebikes credits will be available for same day use, while supplies last, each upcoming Sunday in May. They can be accessed with code BLUECROSSHEALTH1 (May 12), BLUECROSSHEALTH2 (May19) and BLUECROSSHEALTH3 (May 26) in the Bluebikes app and used across the Bluebikes system's 13 municipalities for both pedal and ebikes (per minute fees apply): Arlington, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Medford, Newton, Revere, Salem, Somerville, and Watertown.

Blue Cross has been the title sponsor of Bluebikes since its inception in May 2018.