Bluebikes Winter Challenge Finest

March is Women's History Month. To celebrate, we're sharing profiles of top women riders from the Winter Challenge.

The Winter Challenge was one for the books. Despite variable weather, our riders logged over 80,000 trips, adding up to over 90,000 miles traveled.

Many of the top riders were incredible women who pedaled to the top of the Winter Challenge. Read more to learn more about their stories, and hear why they choose to ride with Bluebikes all year long.

Ngoc D.

From: Somerville

Trips Taken During Winter Challenge: 115

Most Used Station: Lesley University

"I've been using Bluebikes for commuting to and from work, from work to the gym, and from the gym to get dinners! It's been great so far. I have my own road bike but feel much safer using Bluebikes when it is icy, wet, or windy outside.

I like the practical fenders, built-in lights and basket! I usually carry a big bag with my gym clothes to go to work directly after. It is so much faster to get around during rush hours."

Mary S.

From: Cambridge

Trips Taken During the Winter Challenge: 95

Most Used Station: Linear Park - Mass. Ave. at Cameron Ave.

"As a "cautious senior", for me, Bluebikes feels safer than my road bike this time of year. The bikes have a heavy, stable, low center with wide tires. Even during gusty winds, I'm hardly nudged when biking on Mass Ave.

I often try to encourage other "seniors" to try Bluebikes. My top tip: it is easy to set up the bike. First, set seat to your height marked on the seat post."

Busra G.

From: Boston

Trips Taken During the Winter Challenge: 115

Most Used Station: MIT at Mass Ave / Amherst St

Sometimes, the convenience and fun that Bluebikes provides speaks for itself:

"Why am I riding with Bluebikes?: It is the most efficient way to commute for me. I love that I can use it anytime I want without the hassle of finding a place for a personal bike."

Thank you to all our riders and amazing women who pedaled through the first-ever Bluebikes Winter Challenge! The count down to spring begins, and we're excited to bike towards warmer temps.