Recognize World Mental Health Day with a Complimentary Bluebikes Pass

Thanks to Bluebikes title sponsor Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, riders can get outside and experience the full benefits of biking with a free Adventure Pass on October 10th. Here’s what you need to know about the initiative

Free Adventure Passes on World Mental Health Day, Courtesy of Blue Cross

Outdoor exercise like biking is proven to positively impact mental health. One survey found that 75% of people noticed improved mental health after taking up biking and 45% noticed improved sleep, which can help reduce anxiety and depression. As we approach World Mental Health Day on Sunday, October 10, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is shining a spotlight on health and wellness through its title sponsorship of Bluebikes.

Throughout the day, Metro Boston residents and visitors can take advantage of free, two-hour Bluebikes rides by downloading and opening the Bluebikes app on a mobile device and selecting “Get a Pass.” This is the second consecutive year that Blue Cross, the state’s largest health plan, is sponsoring complimentary rides on World Mental Health Day.

Get the Bluebikes app here

Ride a Bike with a Friend

As part of the initiative on World Mental Health Day, Bluebikes riders can take advantage of the “Take a Ride, Give a Ride” promotion, courtesy of Blue Cross. Any rider who takes a trip on October 10 will receive a free pass to give to a friend, to help supporting those who may be struggling with their mental health. Riders will receive a code for the free guest pass via email during the week of October 11.

Riders can access bikes from any of the nearly 400 Bluebikes stations across the system’s 11 municipalities.

*Offer valid only on 10/10/2021. Usage fees apply for rides over 2 hours. All riders are subject to the Bluebikes Rental Agreement