System Alert: the system has been reopened

Due to a forecast of inclement weather, Bluebikes will temporarily close at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, January 19th, in consideration of the safety of our riders and staff. Following the storm, Bluebikes field staff will be working to clear stations, after which stations in Brookline, Boston, Cambridge and Somerville will reopen.

Update: our field crews were hard at work clearing snow from docking stations. As of Monday, January 21st, the system has reopened for rentals.

You can always stay up to date on system alerts by following us on Facebook and Twitter for realtime updates.


Once the closure has begun, no bikes can be rented at the stations, though any bikes in use at that time can be returned to any Bluebikes station with an available dock.

We understand that forecasts vary and may change. Closure and re-opening information will be posted to the Bluebikes website, Facebook, and Twitter. Announcements will also be sent about closures and re-openings via email. You can sign up to receive Bluebikes news and updates on the Bluebikes homepage.

For real-time station, bike, and dock availability, download the Bluebikes app.

Thank you for your cooperation, The Bluebikes Team