Rider Spotlight: Sarah #WBM2018

October is Women's Bike Month. All month long, we'll be featuring women who bike Metro Boston -- sharing riding tips, favorite routes, and more!

Meet Sarah! Sarah just joined Bluebikes a little over a month ago. We caught up with her to learn more about why she rides with Bluebikes.

Tell us a little more about yourself. How long have you been riding with Bluebikes?

I just started riding with Bluebikes a little over a month ago! I moved to the Boston area in September for graduate school. I've visited the area before, but Bluebikes has helped me explore and discover new parts of Cambridge and Somerville that I never knew existed.

What tips and tricks would you share with other women and folks that might be interested in trying Bluebikes?

Biking in and around the city can be a little intimidating at first. I commute to school using Bluebike, and it took me a few tries to find the routes that I'm most comfortable with. The City of Somerville recently installed a protected cycle track on Beacon Street that I love biking on and would recommend to anyone that bikes in that area.

My second pro-tip: rides are always better with friends! I've gained a lot of confidence by going on rides with some of my girl friends.

What are some of your favorite Bluebikes stations and bike routes?

There's a station right near my apartment that is my "go-to" -- Beacon St at Washington / Kirkland.

In my free time, I love taking rides along the cycle path in Cambridge next to Memorial Drive. The views of the Charles River and Boston city skyline are incredible!

Are you a woman that rides in Metro Boston? We want to hear more about your story! Email hello@bluebikes.com and tell us more for a chance to be featured on our blog. You can also share your stories with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by tagging #WBM2018.