Rider Spotlight: Michelle #WBM2018

October is Women's Bike Month. All month long, we'll be featuring women who bike Metro Boston -- sharing riding tips, favorite routes, and more!

This October, we're celebrating women who ride in Metro Boston all month long. Women's Bike Month kicks off with a spotlight on Michelle, who is active in the bike community in Roxbury and has been a member with Bluebikes for more than three years.

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I have a company -- Roxbury Rides -- which encourages Black and Brown People to use biking as a form of exercise, transportation and fun! I teach people how to bike and I hold various biking events in Roxbury and North Dorchester. I'm a bit of a historian, so I am developing a bike tour of Roxbury and Dorchester to talk about the neighborhoods.

How long have you been riding with Bluebikes?

I've been riding with Bluebikes for about 3+ years. I have a few of my own bikes, but I really enjoy the convenience that Bluebikes offer.

What are some of your favorite Bluebikes stations and bike routes?

My favorite Bluebikes station is located just by the Franklin Park Zoo, in Dorchester. It's right by my house, and so convenient to hop on a bike and go! I have 2 favorite routes:

My favorite route is from Franklin Park (Boston) to Cambridge. I love riding over the Mass Ave Bridge and taking in the views -- especially in the summer.

My second favorite route starts at Franklin Park in Dorchester and ends at State Street (Downtown). I can always find a docking station, dock the bike -- and then jump on the train.

What new stations are you excited to see during system expansion?

I am so happy to see Bluebikes in Roxbury, North Dorchester and Mattapan. These communities have the least attention so giving people options to get to school/work, etc is great.

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