Behind-the-Scenes, with Lindsey #WBM2018

All month long during our #WBM2018 series, we'll be sharing behind-the-scene profiles of staff members that keep Bluebikes rolling.

Meet Lindsey! Lindsey joined the Bluebikes operations team way back in 2014. We caught up with her to learn more about her roll on the operations team.

How long have you been with Bluebikes? Why bike share?

I started with Bluebikes (previously) Hubway in 2013 as a rebalancer. I then became a station tech before moving to the West Coast in 2016. I returned to Bluebikes in December 2017 as a Field Operations Manager. Working in bike share is cool because you are helping to redefine mobility and transportation within your city... it doesn't hurt that we also have a fun team!

Tell us more about your rolls and responsibilities.

As a Field Operations Manager I am keeping the system operational every day by dispatching our fleet of rebalancers to make sure that bikes are distributed well across Metro Boston, coordinating with other departments, ensuring safety expectations are met. I've learned to be very adaptable in this role, no two days are the same.

Since you've been at Bluebikes, what are 1-2 favorite things that you've worked on?

Collaborating with other departments to help make the expansion into additional Dorchester, Mattapan and Roslindale a success. It's exciting to see additional stations in new neighborhoods. When I first started here we had 114 stations on the ground, we now have 256 stations...and growing!

Favorite bike route(s) and station(s)?

I live in JP so you'll catch me biking to dunkin donuts for a large iced then hopping on the southwest corridor to get downtown. I also enjoy grabbing a bike in JP/Roslindale to go explore the Arnold Arboretum.

Fun fact? Tell us a little more about yourself!

I've roadtripped and have driven across the country 5 times in the past 3 years!

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