Rider Spotlight: Erin #WBM2018

October is Women's Bike Month. All month long, we'll be featuring women who bike Metro Boston -- sharing riding tips, favorite routes, and more!

Meet Erin. Erin recently tried Bluebikes in the beginning of the fall and has been hooked since. We caught up with her to learn more about why she uses Bluebikes, and got some helpful tips and tricks.

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I grew up in Pennsylvania, but since college I have lived in North Carolina, Missouri, and Tennessee while serving in the military. Along the way, I got married and my husband and I now have two kids (ages 2 and almost 6 months). We moved to Brookline in August for grad school.

How long have you been riding with Bluebikes?

I tried Bluebikes for the first time in mid-September. I was tired of relying on other forms of transportation, so I walked down the street and purchased a ride. I was hooked! Riding Bluebikes cut my commute time in half. As a mom and full-time student, those minutes are SO valuable to me. I went home and bought a membership that day.

What tips and tricks would you share with other women and folks that might be interested in trying Bluebikes?

For me, the two biggest benefits of Bluebikes are the time savings and the fact that I get a little bit of extra fresh air and exercise every day. As a mom, student, wife, homemaker (etc...), time is my most precious commodity! If you feel like you’re spending too much time commuting, try out Bluebikes by buying a Single Ride. I bet you’ll enjoy it more than you realize!

I’m planning to keep riding through the winter — I’ve already purchased a backpack cover and waterproof pants for the rain, and have some hearty cold-weather gear picked out.

What are some of your favorite Bluebikes stations and bike routes? Any new stations you're excited about?

I usually bike to and from school — so from Brookline to Harvard’s Cambridge campus. I love that there are stations all around campus so it’s easy to use any of them based on my classes that day.

Time for a fun fact.

I played Division 1 basketball in college. Now, I run and race as an athletic outlet. But since I started Bluebikes, I’m considering trying a triathlon in the spring.

Are you a woman that rides in Metro Boston? We want to hear more about your story! Email hello@bluebikes.com and tell us more for a chance to be featured on our blog. You can also share your stories with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by tagging #WBM2018.