Rider Spotlight: Remona

Get to know our riders, and why they choose Bluebikes

Every month, we're featuring riders that love taking on Metro Boston with Bluebikes. Meet Remona, who just started riding with Bluebikes in July and has quickly come to love the system.

How long have you been riding with Bluebikes?

My first ride with Bluebikes was in the beginning of July this year!

What are some of your favorite Bluebikes stations and bike routes?

My favorite route begins at the BU Central Station, and goes along along the Charles River Esplanade -- all the way to Science Park in Cambridge. It’s such a breezy and relaxing route along the water. I also love riding from the JFK/UMass station to Castle Island in South Boston (another route along the water!).

What new stations are you excited to see during the system expansion?

I’m excited to see the new stations in Somerville, where I currently live! I can put the bike lanes there to good use. Also having more stations in Boston just makes everything more convenient. I already love that they are with every major T stop.

Give us one fun fact about yourself!

I actually just learned how to ride a bike this summer, that too using Bluebikes bikes! I got the hang of it after one full day of practicing, and I haven’t stopped biking since that day. I got a lot of encouragement from strangers along the way telling me I’m doing great the day I was learning (lots of funny stares too). Many of my friends are now hooked on biking too after taking rides with me. They also use Bluebikes!

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