Mindfulness Matters: Prioritize Mental Health & Wellness with Blue Cross and Bluebikes in August

It’s National Wellness Month and thanks to Bluebikes’ sponsor Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, riders can practice mindfulness with FREE Adventure Passes every Monday in August.

Blue Cross’ ''Mindful Mondays'' Start August 7

To recognize National Wellness Month, Blue Cross is sponsoring complimentary Bluebikes Adventure Passes on ''Mindful Mondays'' throughout the month of August. Starting on Monday August 7th, people in the Metro-Boston region can access free Adventure Passes across the system by downloading and opening the Bluebikes App on a mobile device and entering the appropriate code.

Weekly Codes

💙August 7: BLUECROSS0807

💙August 14: BLUECROSS0814

💙August 21: BLUECROSS0821

💙August 28: BLUECROSS0828

Each code unlocks an unlimited number of two-hour rides over a 24-hour period.

Blue Cross is the title sponsor of Bluebikes, which is a publicly-owned bikeshare system owned by the municipalities and operated by Lyft.

Spin Your Way to Mindfulness

As part of ''Mindful Mondays'', Blue Cross is also hosting a FREE 60-minute Spin Class on Bluebikes led by Alyssa Pannozzi (an instructor at Rev’d and influencer dedicated to health & wellness). The Spin Class is on the final day of ''Mindful Mondays'', August 28th, at Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park at 5:30 PM. The class will be first come first serve, open to the public. Blue Cross is committed to providing wellness-oriented experiences to its communities and encourages riders to join them in spinning out a sweat.

Participants will receive FREE giveaways and have an opportunity to win fitness & wellness prizes so be sure to save the date!

Mindfulness Matters

Practicing mindfulness can help reduce stress, improve your mental and physical health, and even increase your overall happiness in life, according to a recent article from Health News in collaboration with Harvard Health.

National Wellness Month is a great time to practice mindfulness by taking a bike ride to reduce anxiety and stress. Blue Cross remains committed to supporting mental health and whole health journeys in its communities and encourages people in the Metro-Boston region to get outside and take a ride on Bluebikes every Monday throughout August.