Go “Green” with Bluebikes on World Car Free Day —Thursday, September 22nd

Title sponsor of Bluebikes, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, encourages riders to take advantage of complimentary Adventure Passes all day for a bike ride vs. driving to destinations

In recognition of World Car Free Day on Thursday, September 22, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is sponsoring free Adventure Passes (unlimited two-hour trips in a 24-hour period), in hopes that residents will travel via Bluebikes for the day rather than rely on passenger vehicles – helping to reduce emissions, air pollution and road congestion.

Metro Boston residents and visitors can take advantage of free Adventure Passes the Bluebikes system all day by downloading and opening the Bluebikes App on a mobile device and entering the code “BLUECARFREE”.

Replacing a car trip with a bike for every commute saves approximately 3000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year. In fact, based on research from The Adventure Cycling Association, just moderate increases in bike use could save an estimated 6 to 14 million tons of CO2 every year. Blue Cross is committed to sustainability and leveraging Bluebikes to improve the environmental health of its communities.