Getting Women on Wheels with founder Yari DeJesus

We asked Yari a few questions about how she got started riding and what made her want to inspire others:

“Living in Boston has pushed me to become the cyclist I am today,” said DeJesus. “I have hardly driven my car since I moved to Mission Hill. Cycling is my eco-friendly mode of transportation when I commute to school (Northeastern University) and to work. Biking to work makes me happy, keeps me healthy, and saves me gas plus parking costs!”

What is Women on Wheels Boston?

Women on Wheels started during quarantine when I was riding solo and sharing joyrides via Instagram. Working from home became the new norm in March, and I spent many hours in my apartment, which was affecting my mental state. I began going on these rides as a way to relax, relieve some stress, explore new places around the city, and share my adventures. I decided to have my friends join me, and other followers (mainly women) were inspired by my stories and bought their own bikes. This led me to create Women On Wheels!

My mission is to promote and encourage cycling and bike safety through education and community outreach, and to bring women cyclists together in a friendly, social environment for a fun, healthy lifestyle.

Can people use Bluebikes on your rides?

Absolutely! Bluebikes is the most affordable option for women who don't yet own a bike. They’re all around the city and easy to use. I encourage women of all ages to join and ride with Bluebikes.

What are some of your favorite rides or routes?

Here are a few of my favorite joyrides:

  • The Minuteman Trail

  • Franklin Park

  • Neponset River Greenway

What message do you have for women riders?

I want all women to know that cycling is a form of self care and stress relief. Cycling outdoors not only brings pure joy, but also keeps us healthy. I encourage you all to join the Women On Wheels community and to not feel intimidated riding on roads around the city — or by the miles we ride. We cheer and push one another to finish the ride strong, we get to network and meet new women during pit stops, and (most importantly) we build community.