Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Sponsors Free Rides to COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

The Vaccination Access Program will conclude on June 30th

Thanks to the generosity of Bluebikes title sponsor Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, we are offering free Adventure Passes to provide Metro-Boston riders with a safe and easy transportation option as they head to their COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

Free Rides Until June 30th

Until June 30th Metro-Boston riders can take a free ride to their vaccine appointments, courtesy of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the title sponsor of Bluebikes.

As the largest health plan in Massachusetts looks to boost access to COVID-19 vaccines and support transportation needs, residents can take advantage of complimentary Adventure Passes in any of the 10 municipalities in which Bluebikes operates. To access your free ride, just download the Bluebikes app, tap Adventure Pass, and use the vaccination codes BLUEVAX1 or BLUEVAX2, providing residents who require two vaccine doses with Bluebikes trips for both appointments. We’re committed to helping Metro-Boston residents getting vaccinated reach their appointments safely and quickly, while providing a fun option to get around the city, as well!


If you’re heading to an appointment at Hynes Convention Center or the Reggie Lewis Center, Blue Cross will be offering complimentary bike valets at Bluebikes stations nearest those mass vaccination sites starting April 26. Expanded docking and bikes will be available at the following stations to make coming and going easier when schedules are busy (look for the station valet icon on the Station Map here).

  • Newbury St. and Hereford St
  • Roxbury Crossing

*An Adventure Pass allows 24 hours of access and unlimited rides up to 2 hours; after 2 hours, usage fees will be incurred. Limited quantity available. Limit one per user. The Adventure Pass is offered in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and cannot be combined with other ride credit or offers. Offer of Adventure Pass is not intended to induce, nor is it conditioned on, the act of voting, or voting for or against any particular person or measure. Subject to our Liability Waiver and Rider Agreement