Biking for Mental Health: Prioritize Mental Health & Wellness with Blue Cross and Bluebikes on World Mental Health Day💙🚲

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and thanks to Bluebikes’ sponsor, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, riders can enjoy the health benefits of outdoor exercise with unlimited two-hour Adventure Passes throughout the day.

Blue Cross Celebrates World Mental Health Day with Free Adventure Passes

Blue Cross is sponsoring complimentary Bluebikes Adventure Passes on Tuesday, October 10th. Metro Boston residents and visitors can access free Adventure Passes across the system by downloading and opening the Bluebikes App on a mobile device and entering the code BLUECROSSMENTALHEALTH.

The code unlocks an unlimited number of two-hour rides over a 24-hour period.

Outdoor Exercise and Mental Health

Research continues to show the positive impact of exercise on mental health. According to a recent article from The Washington Post, outdoor exercise in particular provides an array of benefits to mood and mental well-being beyond those seen with traditional indoor workouts.

World Mental Health Day provides the perfect opportunity to get outside, take a bike ride, and reduce anxiety and stress. Blue Cross is committed to supporting mental health and whole health journeys in its communities and encourages Metro Boston riders to get outside and take a Bluebikes ride on Tuesday, October 10th.