Bike the Extra Mile for Your Mental Health in May, Courtesy of Blue Cross

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and National Bike Month, Bluebikes sponsor Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts offers free Bluebikes Adventure Passes every Sunday in May to promote mental & physical wellbeing.

Here’s what you need to know about the initiative:

Free Adventure Passes with Blue Cross’ “Miles for Mental Health”

Research continues to demonstrate the direct link between exercise and improved mental health. Countless studies have shown that regular exercise, like biking, can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve cognitive function, and even boost self-esteem.

In May, which represents both Mental Health Awareness Month and National Bike Month, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is shining a light on the inextricable links between outdoor exercise and improved mental health through their sponsorship of Bluebikes.

Starting Sunday, May 7, Metro Boston residents can take advantage of free unlimited, two-hour Adventure Passes across the Bluebikes system all day by downloading and opening the Bluebikes App on a mobile device and selecting “Adventure Pass.”

Each week there will be a new promo code to redeem your free pass in the app:

Sunday, May 7th: BLUECROSS07

Sunday, May 14th: BLUECROSS14

Sunday, May 21st: BLUECROSS21

Sunday, May 28th: BLUECROSS28

Share a Ride with Friends & Family

Bluebikes riders can also take advantage of Blue Cross’ “Take a Ride, Give a Ride” promotion. Any rider who takes a trip on any of the “Miles for Mental Health” Sundays will receive a free Adventure Pass to give to a friend or family member, reinforcing the importance of supporting and reaching out to those who may be struggling with their mental health. Riders will receive a code via email.

Win a Free Annual Membership

Riders will be able to track how many miles they ride over the course of the month in the Bluebikes App, and the top 10 individuals who log the most miles on Bluebikes throughout the month will win a free annual Bluebikes membership, sponsored by Blue Cross, to encourage residents to try Bluebikes, enjoy outdoor exercise, and take care of their mental health.