Winter Operations 2019-20

Your public bike share system in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Everett, and Somerville is open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year. Some stations are relocated or removed for the winter-riding season. Read more about impacted stations.

Over 60+ stations were added to the system in 2019 — making the 2019-20 winter riding season the most expansive winter to date! Most Bluebikes stations will remain active all winter long. Starting November 4th, certain on-street Bluebikes stations will be removed or relocated for the winter-riding season.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates. Before every trip — be sure to check the Bluebikes app or System Map.

Week 1, November 4-8*

  • Fields Corner T Stop (hibernating)

  • Upham's Corner (hibernating)

  • Boylston St at Berkeley St (hibernating)

  • Northbourne Rd at Hyde Park Ave (hibernating)

  • Piers Park (hibernating)

  • Glendon Street at Condor Street (hibernating)

  • Airport T - Bremen Street at Brooks Street (relocating)

  • Walnut Ave at Warren St (hibernating)

  • Washington St at Bradlee St (hibernating)

  • Washington St at Waltham St (relocating]

  • River St at Central Ave (hibernating)

  • Washington St at Walsh Playground (hibernating)

  • Ryan Playground - Dorchester Avenue Station (hibernating)

  • Blue Hill Ave at Southwood St (hibernating)

  • Andrew T Stop - Dorchester Ave at Dexter St (hibernating)

  • E Cottage St at Columbia Rd (hibernating)

  • Upham's Corner T Stop - Magnolia St at Dudley St (hibernating)

  • Archdale Rd at Washington St (hibernating)

Week 2, November 11-15*

  • Washington St at Denton Terr (hibernating)

  • Mt. Hope St at Hyde Park Ave (hibernating)

  • Silber Way (hibernating)

  • E. Concord St at Harrison Ave (hibernating)

  • Dorchester Ave at King St (hibernating)

  • Adams St at Lonsdale St (hibernating)

  • Washington St at Egremont Rd (hibernating)

  • Western Ave at Richardson St (hibernating)

  • Park St at Norwell St (hibernating)

  • Dudley Town Common - Mt Pleasant Ave at Blue Hill Ave (hibernating)

  • Washington St at Peters Park (hibernating)

  • Thetford Ave at Norfolk St (hibernating)

  • Hayes Square at Vine St. (hibernating)

  • Congress St at Sleeper St (hibernating)

  • Columbus Ave at W. Canton St (hibernating)

  • Arch St at Franklin St (hibernating)

Week 3, November 18-22*

  • BIDMC - Brookline at Burlington St (hibernating)

  • Beacon St at Massachusetts Ave (hibernating)

  • Centre St at Seaverns Ave (hibernating)

  • Congress St at Northern Ave (hibernating)

  • Blossom St at Charles St (hibernating)

  • Clarendon St at Newbury St (hibernating)

  • Post Office Square - Pearl St at Milk St (hibernating)

  • Beacon St at Charles St (hibernating)

  • Boylston St at Massachusetts Ave (hibernating)

  • Boylston St at Fairfield St (hibernating)

  • Boylston St at Dartmouth St (hibernating)

  • Northeastern North Parking Lot (hibernating)

  • Charles St at Pinckney St (hibernating)

  • Newbury St at Hereford St (hibernating)

  • Washington St at Fuller St (hibernating)

Week 4, November 25-29*

  • Morton St T (hibernating)

  • Main St at Beacon St (hibernating)

Week 5, December 2-5*

  • Norman St at Kelvin St (relocating)
  • Glendale Square (Ferry St at Broadway) (relocating)
  • Main Street at Carter Street (Hibernating)
  • Ferry St at Pleasantview Ave (relocating)
  • Main St at Beacon St (relocating)
  • Ball Sq (relocating)

  • Craigie at Summer St (relocating)

  • Wilson Square (relocating)

  • Somerville Hospital (relocating)

Week 6, December 9-12*

  • Somerville City Hall Annex (hibernating)

  • Union Square - Somerville (relocating)

  • Washington St at Myrtle St (relocating)

  • Teele Square (hibernating)

  • Elm St at White St (hibernating)

  • Beacon St at Washington / Kirkland (hibernating)

  • Clarendon Hill at Broadway (hibernating)

  • Cypress St at Clark Playground (hibernating)

  • High St at Cypress St (hibernating)

  • JFK Crossing at Harvard St. / Thorndike St. (hibernating)

  • Marion St at Harvard St (hibernating)

  • St Mary's (hibernating)

  • Tappan St at Brookline Hills MBTA (hibernating)

*The winter operations schedule is subject to change.